Next exhibition in NYC, inside the Agora Gallery is planned, in the meantime, check my Art-Mine profile ...

"Painting is the visible face of the iceberg of my thought"
Salvador Dali

Current exhibitions :

Agora Gallery - New York

Exhibition from 10.03.2023 to 10.24.2023
Openings on 10.05.2023 from 6PM

Art Gallery - Les Remp'Arts

Exhibition from 6th of July 2023

Artsper - Galerie Bruno Massa

Online Exhibition on :

Morbi in sem

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Morbi in sem

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Upcoming exhibitions :

Last exhibitions :

PAKS Gallery - Austria

From 1st of January 2022 to 31th of December 2022

Exhibition covering the 3 locations of the gallery.

Galeria Colorida del Arte

From 22th of January 2022 to 4th of February 2022

Lisbon (Portugal)

Art3F Bruxelles 2022

From 25th to 27th November 2022

Bruxelles (Belgium)

Art3F Luxembourg 2022

From 16th to 18th September 2022


Art3F Monaco 2022

From 24th to 26th of June 2022

In chapiteau Fontvieille

New Era Exhibition - Online exhibition

Online exhibition from 11.20.2020 au 11.20.2021

Art3F - Bruxelles 2021

From 16th to 18th November 2021

Bruxelles (Belgium)

Art3F Luxembourg 2021

From 17th to 19th September 2021


Art3F Monaco 2021

From 27th to 29th of August 2021

In chapiteau Fontvieille

Art Shopping - La Baule

From 16th to 18th of July 2021

Palais des congrès SPL Atlantia
La Baule (France)

Sweet Revival - Cossonay

3 months exhibition in Cossonay from May to July 2021

Place du temple 6
1304 Cossonay

Art3F - Luxembourg

September 2020


Montreux Art Gallery

15e Montreux contemporary art fair (Switzerland)

November 2019

Art Show Paris III

Exhibition organized by "Arts & Design" magazine

October 2019 - Paris